Someone is yet to get chords out for this song for guitars.


Foster The People released an album called "Supermodel" back in 2014. Its pre-order edition included a 12th hidden track titled "Tabloid Super Junkie". Far as I know, it was not included in the standard edition due to the song's lyrics highly questioning record labels' morals and claiming they control their artists like puppets - forcing them upon things, thus making the life of an artist under a record label not look so glamorous after all.

Let's take the chorus for an example:

"Is this something that you'd ever need?
Well, I'm okay
Are you scared to take what they've taken from you?
Well yeah, I'm afraid
We've sold our names"

That's just a little background on the song (most of it speculation or unconfirmed), I really hope someone makes tabs for it.
Bumping this up and a few other thread since it has been around four months since I've posted them. I hope no one minds.
I'm bumping this thread up, since I'm still very keen on seeing this song turned in to a tab. I lack the ear and knowledge to tab it out myself.