if it's a fake, they even replicated how the mij's paint cracks in the pocket.

so well done i guess.

personally, it looks legit but i'm by no means an expert at spotting fake fenders. i do see the black logo but i'm not positive that's a tell, it may be though.

a peek under the neck in the pocket would tell for sure though. MIJ's are pretty consistent in how they are stamped etc. can you get any images of that area?

if it plays nice and has the right pocket markings showing legitness, i'd go for it in the $300ish range but that's me.
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Hi Guys,

could you tell me whether is it authentic Fender Stratocaster from 1995? The logo is a little bit weird.

(Invalid img)

more photos here:

not to sure on this. the neck might be, try running the serial number and see what comes up. that pickguard cetainly isn't japanese, the tuners are supect. the trem cover plate has the holes in the right spot for fender. the decal is also suspect but i'm not an expert on fender japan
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Could be OK, just not sure about 'Fender' logo. Serial is legit for a 94-95 MIJ or a 07-10 MIJ.
what does he want for it?

i don't mean to be 'that guy' as i highly value authenticity, but for <$300-$350 if it plays well and sounds good, i wouldn't worry about it. its not like it is ever going to be a rare or expensive guitar. now if this was something worth a lot or highly desirable i would definitely make sure everything is proper and would not condone misadvertisement or fakes.

if you REALLY looked, so many strats are partscasters, most people probably have no idea that theirs is.
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