A Mother's Phantom
Your phantom still haunts my bones,
I see your ghost when I am both awake and asleep.
Nothing about you is feasible now,
Scratches have faded,
The memories erased,
I have nothing to keep.

Your eyes left your body at The call of the donor,
Your chances to see the world's beauty are not over.
No matter what i do i feel like I'm alone,
I'm scared and afraid,
I've never been colder.
I hope this fades with getting older.
I'm scared and afraid.
I've never been colder.

I can only hope i took the best parts of you,
Made them parts of me,
You were always teaching or Loving us with everything to your name.
The shirt off your back and the gas in your tank never mattered,
As long as you knew before you slept,
We weren't in tatters.

Mother, mother;
Our last words ring me awake and sing me to sleep.
Not all of our memories will fade,
The way you Loved I'll always keep.
Unconditional and untraditional,
Everyday spent bridging distance between our family.

In another world we'd all get closure for what riddled through your body,
Names and numbers hunted down with an arsenal at the ready,
Revenge on something that can't speak or breathe is stupid to want,
But if it's not alive,
Why's cancer taking everyone that i Love?

No plan i don't comprehend should come with so much pain,
At least give me time to say everything to the ones I'll never see again.
I can't even begin to learn how to cope,
I'm so lucky to have someone making me remember why i should have hope.
If you take her too I've got a bone to pick,
But i won't dwell on the future's shit.
I'll just carry on slower than ever,
Rebuilding my world as best i can.
Better and stronger for everyone i still have,
You raised that kind of man.