Somewhat inspired by the music of Elliott Smith, this was a poem I wrote about the impact of depression and suicide on family members, but I put some chords behind it and liked how it came out.

Carried me home
In a bundle of calm
Cut down the nettles
Held onto my arm
Crossing the road
In the way of the cars
Til the day I saw over your head

Covered my eyes
Kept my mind in a jar
Floating alone
In an ocean of dark
Until a sound from above
A titanium ark
Shatters the edge of the glass

It's hard to forgive
What's wrong with the world
When after so long
Of being guarded from hurt
It's hard to see
The point of it all
When you're stuck in a cycle
Awaiting the fall
Into a six foot hole in the ground

Told me not
To give up on my dream
Promised it's not
Just clutching at steam
Til the day I decided
I wanted to see
A six foot hole in the ground
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