I just picked up an ipad 2 air. The main purpose I got this was for the reputation of apps and software that mac/apple has. After watching a bunch of youtube videos on Bias-amp I was sold and just had to go that route. So i downloaded/installed Bias-amp, Bias-FX and Jamup. I have a couple problems though, I googled for answers but just could not find much information. I did contact Positive Grid's support but they have not emailed me back so I'm really hoping one of you guys can help me. First I have to say I totally love the options and tones I'm getting. So after a bit of tweaking on the amps I decided to download some off of their cloud. Some of them played just fine but I found a bunch of them displayed their names but the graphic did not show up and when I tried to click on them to load them, I got a popup that said :This amp is new version, needs to update Bias and needs to update from the app store.Do you want to update it now?" I selected yes and it took me to positives grid's website, there was nothing there so then I loaded the app store and loaded the app store and found Bias and said there was no update. So i'm not sure how to fix this and I literally got this ipad just yesterday so this is just a total bummer for me.

I came from a PC so i'm just trying to lern everything and i just feel lost, I designed my own custom amp in bias-amp, then I went and bough bias-fx so i loaded bias-fx and seems like i cant figure out how to load my own amp inside of it. Surely there is a way to use your own amp with your own fx chain. I would thing that there would be a way to get everything to work together between the 2 apps. Can someone please help me figure all of this out? Thank you in advance.