Hey guys!

So I'm building myself an Explorer from a guitar kit. I sanded it all the way down and right now I'm painting it. My actual problem comes up with the pickups. I ordered a passive EMG H4A and (of course also passive) seymour duncan distortion.

Since EMG decided not to let people solder their products I have a problem, because Seymour Duncan relies on the old technique of soldering.
How do I get both pickups in this guitar? Can anyone help me?

Thank you very much guys. When I'm all done I can upload a few pictures!

Kind regards
You can solder an EMG. Just cut off the connector plug and follow the wiring diagram like you would for any other pickup.
25k pots have been around for a very long time so this is to say there are ones that exist we can solder to. Electronics surplus stores or ebay if you need one.

the H4A is a passive pickup meaning you need a 500k pot to get the right sound

the seymour duncan blackout is active as we know and although transitional ones (on ebay) have both the quick connect cables and the 3 pin connectors , long story short they require 25k pots, 100k maximum , like roc8995 said you can cut the quick connect cables , strip and tin the wires to where they need to go.

schematic wise
switches stay the same
switch your input jack to a stereojack
add a 9v battery clip

wiring wise do 2 volume no tone
why two volume? so you get the right sound out of both pickups
besides that the wiring remains the same

green and bare soldered together on this, if you got a blade selector i talk all about them on my photobucket to the point you could make custom harnesses. Any questions send me a private message.

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/\ The SD Distortion is a passive pickup mate, he just need 500k pots and to take the wire from his EMG pup to the appropriate places.

Don't cut the wire on both ends though, as the EMG pickup only has the quick connect connection.
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oh sorry i read that wrong , damn flu

yeah disregard the two 500k pots that wiring i'll save on my photobucket with a few changes for people wondering.

ok to help you out if there is solderless stuff on the pots you could go about this two ways

the tedious way
a 5 pin female dupont cable you can splice the wires and it'll connect solderlessly
remember to tin wires and use lots of heat shrink

dupont cables are sold female to female , male to male or male to female (depending on the needs) , but as long as one side is female it connects what they look like is below, they work on solderless stuff, i've tested similar EMG passives with them and did everything the OEM cables do.

the easy way
find a way to solder to the back of the pot , if not two volumes isn't too bad of an idea since i know hardly anyone who uses tone knobs

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Yeah, cut the connectors off of the emgs, and solder them normally. You will need to translate the color code so it matches with Duncan's colors:

Black: hot
Red & White: soldered together and taped (series connection)
Green & Bare: ground
Dave @ Seymour Duncan