So I'm self-taught and been playing for roughly 5 ish years but on/off and lately I've been trying to learn songs and they're basic but they just confuse me and the tabs too hard to remember and I just get frustrated. Music is everything to me and I'd want a job involved with guitar one day but I feel like the only roadblock is myself. Any advice or tips?
Take up techno.
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Are you really 15? Holy shit, I'm old.

Anyway, what sort of songs have you been learning? Do you practice to a metronome? Do you read text tabs or do you use tab software like Guitar Pro, etc?

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>job involving guitar

I have several guitar sample banks I use when producing, and they're only getting better.

You need to broaden your horizons, diversify your genres, be able to make any piece of music. Learning guitar is a good step towards that.

Stop taking guitar up on and off, when I was serious about my guitar playing, it was every single day, from 1-8 hours a day. And I only got a step above average, I had no natural abilities when it came to music.
Get lessons.

A good teacher will get you more progress in one day than you'll get in a month by yourself. They can also break down how all of the things that are confusing you work, fix any mechanical issues with your playing, etc.

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If someone meant everything to you, you would learn everything there is to learn about that something. Stop learning other people's compositions, just listen and jam over the solos. Learn how to compose your own stuff and practice scales and arpeggios.
Pick a song you hate, in a style you despise.

Learn it.

Reward yourself by learning a song you like.

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Don't try to memorize too much at once. Take songs one riff at a time, not entire passages/solos.

Start off with songs you are already familiar with.

Learn the M O V A B L E C H O R D S H A P E S (Maj, Min, Dom 7th, etc.)