I am hoping someone in this forum can help me find a case for my Simon & Patrick Folk SB HG guitar. I've been searching for almost a year and still haven't been able to find one that it would fit decently into.

It's rough dimensions are:
Overall: ~40.5"
Upper bout: ~11"
Lower bout: ~14.75"
Waist: ~9.5"
Depth: ~4.5"

I almost had luck with the Yamaha APX cases, but alas they are too thin.

Thank you a million times if you have a suggestion!
Well, Musician's Friend does list about 150 acoustic guitar cases. Plus, there's a "case finder tool", at the top of the page.

Here's that link: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/acoustic-guitar-cases-gig-bags#pageName=category-page&N=500588&Nao=0&recsPerPage=20&v=g&profileCountryCode=US&profileCurrencyCode=USD Give it a shot.

A & L has their own brand of cases. Why not scoot them an email? http://www.artandlutherieguitars.com/tric.htm

I found this case for a, "Tim Armstrong Hellcat", which has a "concert size" body.

Sorry, I was unable to find body measurements ofn the Hellcat. Fender doesn't publish them. I doubt you'd have the depth issue though, as you did with the APX case.

C. F. Martin used to publish a full list of body sizes and measurements. You might try searching that site. Taylor does the same thing, Try there too.
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