An experiment to see if I could write a song with just my keyboard, drum machine and bass. It's my only song that has no guitar in it. I'm interested to see what you think of it!
I was critique your piece, just leave it in the comments and I should reply in a day or two.
Audio quality is good. This reminds me of something I can't remember the artist or song title. 1:44 was a major shift! Sounds virtually like a different song except for the similar melodies. Some vocals in the first portion might help. I was anticipating more vocals after the first ones. Sounds pretty cool overall! Please review my music at this link:

Love the technical syncopation in the intro all the way to 1:43. The vocals fit very well in to this song I wish there was more of it. 2:30 all the way to the outro has a very cool riff with the piano I love the rushing the beat kind of thing. Oh yea and the outro kicks ass sounds like someone trying to gasp for breath through some type of machine and getting electrocuted.
Hey dude,

The mix is cool, though it is unusual to have the kick panned out so far as it is here. The piano chords are nice, and the intro sets the mood very well. The synth entry is quite different to the rest, and almost feels like it deserves a space as its own song, with the first part as a prelude or something. The vocals are very prog rock, with the reverb and stuff and it works well with the context of the song. Again, the piano lines in this part are quite nice. Overall good song, keep writing yo
Thanks for the crit, and sorry for the delay in response!

I'm really loving the intro, very laid back. Perfect amount of reverb on the drum mix methinks, and great melody lines. Digging the change around 1:13, it makes for a nice change of pace, and the fading out piano is great. 1:45, is amazeballs. Totally unexpected. I love how heavy it is, very dark and ambient. The piano coming in around 2:50 is a nice overlay as well, and the bass line behind it is very fitting. The fade out is classic, and I love how that one effect carried out a bit after the piano ended. Overall, I really dig the song. Not alot to crit in my book. Look forward to hearing some more stuff like this from you!

Hey man, thanks for the crit!

I will write as I listen my way thru the song (2nd time around):

1 the intro is engaging and very Radioheadesque/Massive Attack-like. Could very well be used as a soundtrack for some TV show (which is a very good sign in my book). A background vocal might benefit this I guess if you want to attract more people. If it's already there in the mix then you might want to turn it up.
2 I really like the vocals in the second part although the change is somewhat "unprepared" to my liking. Maybe it's just me and I need more listens to get into it.
3 The radio breaking off is a good feature, after all. Not sure why you have it there though but sounds cool.

On balance, I think it's very professional in terms of execution but kind of avant-garde in terms of music structure. If that's what you aimed for it's OK, but I guess you could improve the structure a little bit by adding vocals and the transition bit.

Oh, and I guess once the piano kicks in the track kinda loses its focus for a few seconds. I listened to it 3 times and got this impression 3 times.
Very cool! The quality is very high, I love the introduction, it catches the attention of the listener, and the melody is somehow jazzy, but very effective. The second section, starting from 1:44 is very good too, love the vocals, and very good work with the instruments, over there.
Awesome work
Thank you for checking out my track

The first part of the song was making me think of smokey backroom bars and a gritty private-i trying to solve a case. It's a vibe that I love and rarely find executed as interestingly as you pulled it off.

I wasn't looking at my screen when the shift at 1:44 happened, so I actually thought the song had ended and youtube had somehow skipped to a new track. But I like the shock transition, and I can imagine how the light show would sync up with it at a live show. I liked the vocals in this section, took me a second listen but I got into them. I couldn't really make out what the lyrics were at all though. It just sounded a little fuzzy and distant. Otherwise, the section was absolutely brilliant, especially your bass playing and tone.

And because this is an experiment with synth at the head of the track, I'll say this: you sure as hell know how to pick synth sounds. Every patch used in this track was the exact sound that my ears wanted to hear for the part and the context. If I need any synth work done on future tracks, I might be hitting you up!
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Hello Poisonouspot,

Thanks for the review. First off, I really like the vibe; its very chill. The background sounds like the clapping add to the atmosphere. Its really well done. The piano is really dissonant. It's like it's reminding me that there are reasons not be calmed.

The heavy section is filled with all kinds of noises: cymbals, fizzy machines, and whistling(?). It made me feel very anxious. I really like what you did here. Your experiment was successful. I can't wait to hear more.
Posion, First of all thanks for C4C.

Now your song its pretty rad, I like how dirty it gets, The drum fills after the vocals kick in are probably my favorite thing about the song. Man the ending is crazy, however I was expecting it to go maybe 10 seconds longer, I enjoy how the instruments fade out and the buzzing stay. The audio quality was top notch btw!
thanks for taking a look at my track

i like the intro, esp the atonal vibe of the solo piano at the start. the transition to the second half is a bit too abrupt though. it sounds like 2 entirely different tracks on a CD with that silence, maybe you could insert a bridge here? hmmm... the vocals are a bit pitchy and i think the cymbals that are panned hard right are a bit too splashy/loud in the second half. i like how the bass drives the second half forward with a lot of energy. nice track
Thanks for checking out my song!

I found this pretty enjoyable, mostly the first half with the keyboard. Then it becomes trippy and dark, and it reminds me a little of Nine Inch Nails, which is really cool! I also like how you played with the atonal melodies, it's a pretty original track actually man.

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I adore the art in the background. I felt it very fitting. Trepanning has the mood of an experimental track. The transition at 1:42 caught me extremely off guard. That was quite a shift! I really like tone here, I'm not quite sure if it's synth or distorted bass. This is a very enjoyable track. For some reason, this piece reminded me of "Evil Bee" by Menomena.

Thanks for sharing your work with me.

Interesting composition - the eerie piano intro with the unusual piano lead pulled me in. The shift into 1:42 was sweet - it's moody and dark. Great quality and awesome approach to experimental music!

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1698187
Sounds pretty damn nice! Really liking the laid back feeling the intro has. Like Sound Crowd said,the intro could be used in a movie/TV soundtrack. The change in the music was really unexpected,but not bad at all. Loving the atmosphere and the production is top-notch. UG really has some talented individuals...

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This is interesting. I dont normally listen to this style of stuff so take my comments with whatever measure of salt you feel appropriate.

The intro was a little too long for me. It sounds cool but I thought it kinda went on too long. Once it kicks in around 1:40 I really like the sound and feel of it. The transition is a little abrupt but it still works for me. When I'm listening to it I feel like the main part would benefit from a different style of kick drum sound. The one you have is smooth and neat, but to me the style begs for a massive, dirty, slightly distorted thump. I dont know why - it's just what comes into my head.

Anyway - really nice experiment with a very cool feel to it. I've had a good few listens to it which is always a good sign.

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This is a really interesting song. All of the instruments sound great. I love the bass tone. The only thing I would change mixwise is the ride volume, it's a little loud IMO. The vocals sound good and they fit the vibe of the song. I'd definitely like to hear more stuff like this haha. Well done, man.
I really like the sound of this music it has a lot of elements to it which catch my ear like the note choice of the keyboard and the syncopated rhythms at times. And then when it kicks into that new section at 1:42 it sounds cool. Wasn't expecting vocals but they go really well with the music. The production sounds professional and I suppose it just goes to show that songs can be very full sounding without guitar. Nice work, keep doing your thing.

If you're interested in C4C here's my track (p.s it has a lot of guitar in it :p) :