Last week I did my NAD on the Blackstar HT-20. Update (as to not bump and have 2 threads): After messing with the ISF knob I found it wasn't completely useless, it's more of a mid contour knob. Had it at 0 and thought the amp was too mid focused, turned it to noon and it at least solved that issue. Still too warm and either muddy, bass heavy, or not tight enough (or C all of the above). Either gonna speaker swap or get a used DSL15c. Leaning towards the latter.

Few days ago I got an Ibanez tube screamer mini. Been comparing it to my Duncan 805 as a solo boost (amp at Maiden gain) and boosting to thrash levels. My XXX has too much oomph to accurately test pedals through, so I tested it through the Blackstar (have my MXR 10 band in the loop so it now sounds at least passible).

Overall the tube screamer mini packs more of a punch in the level knob than the 805. Tonally, the Duncan with the mids full gives you the mids of the TS. Gain wise the TS is better for boosting to a thrash level but tonally I prefer the 805 since the TS gets a bit too bright when I turn the tone knob to cut bass.

As a solo boost I think I favor the 805 because it suits my pickup combination better. I dialed in both while using my bridge and then switched to my neck. I dialed the treble and bass back on the 805, tone on the TS w/the neck pup and switched back to the bridge. The TS was too bright for my neck pickup, I dialed to see what tone setting would suit it, then switched back to the bridge and it wasn't bright enough. On the 805 both pickups got my general goal right. I had the mids knob at around 2:30. I *think* this bump in mids here is less than the TS mid bump.

Bottom line, regardless of my personal nitpicks, is that the TS mini is a very acceptable tube screamer. Definitely had more boost in the level knob than I expected. Whether I keep it will be determined when I improve my amp situation.
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