Seeking opinions on these two pedals:

Rivera Metal Shaman
Mesa Throttle Box Eq

-Will be poked into an old 100w L6 Flextone 2 combo.
-I can afford either one.
-6, 7, & 8 strings down tuned a whole step will be jacked into it.
-Jackson, Charvel, Schecter and Ibanez will be the guitars.
-Focus will be on tech-death metal, extreme metal, etc... blacker then the blackest black times infinity and twice as fast.
-Value be damned, it's results I'm after.

I can go to the Mesa store in Hollywood and try a t-box, but I would have to order the Rivera to try it or maybe I can beg my way into their factory in Burbank.

I like the Rivera Knucklehead Tre Reverb and the Mesa Dual Rect but can't afford either of them nor do I have the space, so I'm looking to come close to that sound.

Currently I'm leaning towards the Mesa because to my ears the tone seems more mature and possibly more refined but maybe it's because my ears want to hear that sound if that makes sense. Or maybe my notched hearing is tricking me.

Online demos have players playing stuff I don't care much about -well, except maybe Jonathan Donais. He was making tone in my ballpark but I'm kinda on the fringe.

So the L6 Rectified module is ok but I want more and was wondering what you folks though about the tone of these boxes.

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