So, I started trying tapping like 2 weeks ago and actually grasped it very fast.

Heres a random video of a quick improv, it's not perfect but it's not bad either.

So, I'm used to using Guitar Rig 5 (virtual amp) and I don't know anything about using real physical pedals and I want a loop pedal, the guy from Don Caballero play as much as 3 tracks on a single loop or even more.


What loop pedal do you recommend?
It depends what you are trying to do. If you only want a single 'channel' (I don't know the correct term...), as in there is only a single loop stored at one time, you can't go wrong with a ditto looper. I have one at the moment and it is great for just creating backing tracks and jamming with. If you are after something with more features like multiple stored loops etc, you'll need to look at something more complex, and I don't really have any experience there.

also check out http://looperpedalreviews.com/ for more information
^ Probably a load of crap


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I think the DigiTech Jamman will be your best bet. I really like mine.
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Quote by LaidBack
I think the DigiTech Jamman will be your best bet. I really like mine.

The Boss RC-3 will do what the TS is asking. Not sure if that is his 'best bet' though as I haven't tried all the loop pedals out there
haven't tried one yet but an electro harmonix 2250 looper is a dual track looper with drum loops and effects built in. they also make a single track looper, I think its the 150. I think they have 12 minutes of recording time on each track.
the guy from Don Cab used at least 2 Akai headrushes I believe, which can be had for <$100.
The Line 6 DL4 is also super popular for looping in the Math World, dude in Minus the Bear used to have like 4 of them at once, maybe more. The appeal to these is the ability to have 4 footswitchable functions at once (Record, Reverse, One Shot and octave up/down) as well as a delay AFTER the looper, so you can delay your loop.
Any looper will do, I rec grabbing at least two for fully whack math stuff so you can have different measures and different effects (reverse/octave effects) occuring simultaneously.

But yeah the two above are good, cheap and readily available throughout the USA second hand, if thats where you are