Hey folks,

I'm trying to decide if it's worth the $150 for EZDrummer2. I'm trying to fund a new amp as well, and money will be tight if I get the software as well.

I'm running Presonus Studio One 2 as my DAW, and have thus far "limped along" when creating drum tracks. It can do them, but man, I could use a lot of help when it comes to creating drum tracks. EZ Drummer just seems so EASY...

I am trying to create a full-length album, and I just haven't had the time to get it done. I need something to help speed up the process. Are there any cheaper alternatives to EZDrummer? I've tried downloading the demo of it, but haven't been able to get it installed on my computer, so there's that.

Is there any other approach to getting drum tracks that sound decent? My album will consist of mostly black metal with death metal influences -- so mostly double kick and blast beat stuff. But I need it to sound more natural than what I've been able to create in Studio One. Thanks for any advice!
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Man if you have a midi pad/controller and some sense of rhythm, theres no need for it. However, Ola Englund made a youtube video for EZ drummer 2 and made it look fool proof. Check it out and see if its for you.
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I think it is. I honestly just use their groove editor half the time. Or I write a riff, scan through the grooves, pick one I like, then edit to taste. My drum programming is slim to none. Most of the grooves will already come humanized but they also tend to go over the top with ghost notes but those are easily removed.
Yes and no- if you are really good at using samples and have sample loaders and templates set up and have good samples to-boot, then you really dont need it (although the interface is still really cool and its not that expensive for some high quality setups and presets). However, if you dont know much about hunting down and setting up your own midi/samples, ezdrummer is a godsend. Thats where I started, and I still love it. Now i am getting into some different customized sampling
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Basically I know nothing about hunting down midi/samples. I'm not too bad at editing within my DAW, but that's the extent of my abilities. I'm sure there are ways to be much more creative and efficient within StudioOne, but my biggest problem is that I don't think like a drummer and don't know what a drummer would do to create dynamics and variety within a track. That's why EZDrummer sounds so good to me. It takes me forever to create a drum track for my songs, and when I'm done, it still sounds programmed and unnatural.
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Ezdrummer works for me, but you have to have the style packs to do well in certain styles, the program by itself doesn't have much, pretty much basic rock patterns.

Why not just download a trial and see for yourself?

Try Impact in S1, that's their drum machine and there is a tutorial where you can use your keyboard to program your drums.
^^I have downloaded the trial version, but I haven't been able to get it to install; it keeps giving me an error message. I'll try to mess with it this weekend some more.

As for the style packs -- are you saying that in stock form, I still wouldn't really be getting content ideal for metal without getting the 'metal' pack? If that's the case, then I really don't want to spend that kind of money at this point.

I'll look into that Impact tutorial. I have used the keyboard to program drum tracks, maybe I just need to work on that some more and perfect my technique. You can kind of "play" the drums through the keyboard, but it's pretty much impossible to play anything technical. But a blast beat is possible as long as there are no fills. For double-kick, I have to program it.
Atmospheric dark metal w/ black and death metal influences:
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You can program them on the grid...it is no fun but you'd also end up doing in in EZdrummer to some degree...metal is probably hardest to get right on drum machine...and yes, you need the metal packs.
Check out my Egregore project (Sig.). Most of the drums are done in EZdrummer. "High energy" is pretty much Drums from hell DFH sounds and samples.

Look under the main program, you'll see the packs prices, etc, there are some geared towards metal:


What error are you getting when you try to install?

There is also Steven Slate, BFD, etc available so you can try these.
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I have Superior Drummer 2.0 and I like it very much. So I would say yes it is worth it.
Thanks for all the advice guys! What do you think about BetaMonkey's Double Bass Mania series? I know it's not drum software per se, but it seems like a good bang for the buck, considering there are hundreds of loops for everything -- and it's only $30 per series. Plus they are real drum loops played by a professional drummer.

I'm debating on trying DBM II or III for black/death metal.
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Is it played loops? I can't compose metal with prefab loops, as i always end up needing stops or beats that are not included, and if you start that route and almost finish a song and find out that you can't do something almost at the end, you'd get really pissed. Been there, done that, bought the drum machine
Seriously, I also own a Boss 880 - great drum machine and guitar/bass processor in one. If I get stumped programming in S1, I do my beats in there and transfer via midi.
I think you'd be doing yourself a disservice by buying loops instead of getting Ez drummer.
Programming drums also helps you better understand the interaction of all the instruments since you can really change the dynamic by playing to a particular instrument. Ex. following the lead in a song with fills that accommodate your dynamics can really make a lead feel cohesive.

You can get metal sounding drums out of the standard pack.

Hell I can link you to free samples by Nolly that you can plug into Ez drummer
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^would love those links.

I agree with the above. Working with loops is restrictive. What say you really like a part of the loop (the highhat and kick) but the snare is too much and you want to pull a couple of hits out or change the accents slightly? You could do some cutting and pasting in your editor but EZDrummer is worth the price difference. Aside from that with EZDrummer you can build your own loops, download midi loops from the internet (Kyle mentioned in his post) and share midi files with your friends online and get them to collaborate on stuff with you (if they have EZ or Superior drummer).

The quality of the toontrack sample libraries and the flexibility the software provide make it worth the price. - in my opinion.

I don't have any add on packs but the default kits and grooves do not disappoint and have never left me wanting more. And the flexibility to tailor even the default drums and grooves has made it one of the best investments I have made.

Of course it doesn't beat a real drummer but if you have to do it all yourself in the box then it's the next best thing.
Guys I appreciate all the advice, and I have no doubt that EZDrummer would be the superior choice -- but ultimately I can't afford it right now if I'm going to get a new amp too. Right now I need an amp that will do better cleans than my 6505...as a priority.

I'm going to get one of those BetaMonkey discs and see how it goes. It's only $30 after all, so I'm not out that much. I should be able to get something to work out of it; each pack contains hundreds of metal loops with hundreds of fills for each -- and the sound quality is excellent and pretty neutral so I can add reverb and eq to taste.

Down the road I see myself getting EZD -- but until I get a new job I'll be scraping by and working with a shoestring budget.
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^^Thanks. How would I go about doing that? Also, my version of Studio One was supposed to have drum loops included but I've never been able to locate them within the program.

I have some sick black/death metal songs written, but this drum problem is holding me back!
Atmospheric dark metal w/ black and death metal influences:
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