You have some great songs. The thing I dislike about this kind of music is that guitarist always try to just show off their technicality and impress people with the movement of their fingers rather than just writing a great song. I think that you've found that happy medium. You know when to switch it up and change the pace and I loved it. Here's one of my acoustic songs if you're interested to hear it!
Hey, so I listened to the EP the other day and yeah it sounds very pro, your playing is very nice, mostly the melodic side of it kept me listening. I like it!

Bien hecho tio!
Hey dude,

I really like the first song. Your playing is immaculate, and the song has a recognisable melody with strong structure to back it up. Good, simple choice in chords. The way you play, you must get ALOT of sex. Nice job dude, really enjoyed this one.

Second song is alot more relaxed, again the melody is strong and easily recognisable. I feel like you have your songwriting pretty well sorted out, I dont really have much to add in terms of criticism. Your mix is good; how cant it be with only 1 track? You also avoided the trap of putting too much reverb on the guitar, which so many amateur/semi-pro guitarists do, so well done

Third song is again really really good. The percussive playing is much more rhythmic here rather than decorative, and that makes a nice change. Again, this song makes me feel like your guitar playing must reel in the chicks haha. Good structure, nice writing.

The fourth song is pretty cool. You manage to have a solo guitar piece last 5 minutes without sounding like it has been dragged out, and that is a tough thing to do. I really like when you go from more of a free-time feel to something rhythmic. Really good song, I dont know what else I can really say

You have a gift bro. Make use of it, keep writing music

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