Just got one of these.....

I currently use it with my EP-7 in a church setting, but would also like to use it with my electrics and wanted to get some ideas for how other users set it up.

It will be in front of one of 3 amps, a Mesa Mini Rec, Marshall JCM 2000 TSL or a Fender Blues Jr(the tweed one with the Jensen speaker), and i'll either be using a Gibson Les Paul Classic, Fender Strat with a Mini-Humbucker in the bridge or my PRS Custom 24.

Tones I'm looking for would be cleans to 80s metal (or anything else suggested).

I know it's all about what I think sounds great, but I'm new to this pedal and would like to know how others use it as a jumping off point, also because as much as I'd like the time to sit around and fiddle with settings, I just don't have that time, so suggestions are welcome to how you use yours.