So my discussion I'd like to start in this forum is....

Do any of you have advice on finding an agent for your band?

We have been submitting our music for festivals and have been playing some of the smaller ones which we love, but we would like to play all kinds of them. We've ran nito a small bump and found that many of the larger scale ones only take submissions from booking agencies. So it would be helpful to find one. Plus it would take a lot of the effort in booking off of our hands on our parts. We will keep booking regardless, but an agent...Wouldn't that just be like a fairytale?!

I was looking into it and I noticed there are way too many so called opportunities when you google booking agencies but I am very skeptical of going about it this way...

The way I see it, booking agents usually get 10-20% or so from each gig they book for you. And I have always been told in my advice from experienced artists and my own training that a real agent should never ask you for money aside from that. If they do they are robbing you since they are supposed to be making their profit by booking you, not just charging fees. The ones I'm finding online are asking for monthly fees before you even find out if their company will be of benefit.

We book a lot on our own but would love to keep on progressing with a reputable agent in our area if possible, but whoever would get the job done! So what's the best way to go about it?

Thank you so much for your time!

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