So on one of my guitars (custom config on a Charvel Model-4) I'm wanting to install a pickup selector in one toggle hole that switches between 3 pickups. Currently it has 3 individual switches, 2 on-offs that turn the bridge and neck on or off and a momentary button for the middle for an effect similar to killswitch.

I'll be rewiring it so the first toggle hole switches between all three pickups, other toggle routes the entire signal to either the jack or the button which only allows signal to jack when pressed, though I have an issue:

Seemingly most 3-way single-hole toggles are designed for a Les Paul configuration, where it's one pickup or both. None seem like they'd be able to wire to split between 3 pickups and I've been running into trouble finding true 3-ways, more specifically ones for a mini-slot.

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well isolated positions take reference from the mustang wiring, this is a quick google search. fender S1 switches, super 5 ways, lots of stuff out there to help us. The freeway toggle is the only thing i haven't tried to sit down and learn the ins and outs of yet because of its high price tag it seemed i'd never use one as having two push pulls or a concentric does the trick for me.

the best alternative to get the most bang for your buck may be a rotary knob like PRS guitars use , guitarelectronics.com will help you figure out how many poles and contacts you need; stewmac does sell them too

this apparently is called a double pole triple throw switch "DP3T switch" problem with these is their size and price tag compared to normal mini toggles.
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