I need some new sites to check out. My internet routine is basically

1. UG
2. check e-mail
3. refresh UG
4. reuters for like 10 seconds
5. refresh UG
6. random reddit stuff
7. more UG
8. give up and watch something shitty on netflix or youtube, or pornhub of course

what are some websites you guys browse regularly when you open the browser?
Probably youtube
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I go to a lot of automotive forums. You can learn a lot about diagnosing and fixing your own vehicle.
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Reuters lol. Pretending you actually read the news.

if there was ever anything interesting in the news I would actually read it for more than 10 seconds
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if there was ever anything interesting in the news I would actually read it for more than 10 seconds

The Atlantic is also pretty good for pretending to read.
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if there was ever anything interesting in the news I would actually read it for more than 10 seconds

Hey man, I used to have Al Jazeera bookmarked because I too liked to pretend to read the news but then the charade became too much effort.
Anymore I pretty much only come here and my school's blackboard site on a regular basis. Youtube daily too but I watch that on my xbox

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she was saying things like... do you want to netflix and chill but just the chill part...too bad she'll never know that I only like the Netflix part...
man idk
the sites i check in order whenever i first open my browser in the morning (they're the same sites i visit over and over every day) are

another forum i frequent
"If you're looking for me,
you better check under the sea,
because that's where you'll find me..."
UG - front page news and the pit

bodybuilding forum - the misc / also great advice in their subforums for lifting

grasscity/erowid/bluelight forums

IGN - the vestibule (similar to the misc, but for gamers/movies mainly)

netflix - tv shows and movies

soundcloud - tons of underground artists, lots of quality music out there, post my own music

youtube - subscription box and i upload videos, i find and save most of my music to my favorites playlist, news, funny videos, etc

facebook - im in a few groups that i like to post in, but my feed is sucky and i only post pics
--- including instagram too, cause pics > status' / messages

gmail - for obvious reasons, also saves me a trip to facebook.

pretty much it, i can survive on the internet news wise with just those sites (apps) and also never get bored.
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You're all lying. The porn is the best.
"If you're looking for me,
you better check under the sea,
because that's where you'll find me..."
I like the usual.

I look at the music section of craigslist. Once in a while you see something that is seriously trying to be sold.

I look at the political section of craigslist. There are kooks there real creepy kooks. who may I ask is not amused by broken people. I do the music section perhaps twice a week I haven't done the political section for a very long time maybe I will try that this evening.

Best of craigslist has some very good writing I recommend it although I haven't done that for quite a long time.

My local craigslist here is very bad, all overpriced and it's unusual to see something that's interesting . The coolest musical craigslist is London try that sometime.
1- Youtube / Facebook / UG (all at once)
-Note that by "youtube" I mean "open Youtube channels that I have bookmarked"

2- Sometimes also 9gag.

3- Rinse and repeat

4- Solarmovie, watching series and/or movies

5a- If feeling frisky, CB, where I wait for decent cams/cams with decent action going on, because it's usually too early for them to start their shows or they have already finished, so there I am until 6 or 7 in the morning waiting to finish.

5b- If not feeling frisky, continue checking Facebook or watching random movies on Solarmovie until 9 or 10 in the morning.

6- Check all of the above again because I don't want to go to sleep.

You can assume this takes a big portion of my day.

Nothing better than blasting off some knuckle children and then reading a comment that says "so who's ready for Fallout 4???"

Love seeing where that pops up.
at work:
theguardian (mainly for reactions in comments to recent news. and they aren't totally full of stupid/offensive things like on the more right wing tabloid sites)

at home:

also used to browse a bunch of webcomics and wikis at home a lot but I cba keeping up these days. I just want to chill and either play video games, watch tv shows/movies or read. rarely feel like wasting time browsing internet (unless I got an itch for some xxx)
(rarely UG at home because I value my free time)

“There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want.”
~ Bill Watterson

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bodybuilding forum - the misc

This explains so much.


Check email
Check fb
Check UG
More porn
Rinse repeat.
there are a few podcasts that I've listened to every episode and always listen when new ones come out - radiolab, 99 percent invisible, hello internet, stuff you should know (they have like ~800 episodes. took several months to listen to them all. worth it.) I just listen on their websites because fuck itunes.

every once in a while I'll remember xkcd and get caught up on all the comics that have been put up since last time I checked.

I usually check UG right after my email, then go to all the other places until I run out of ways to waste time, check UG again, look in my bookmarks hoping to find something, which never works, and go back to UG