Not sure if anyone knows about this but I purchased an Audiobox usb that came with Presonus Studio one V.3 to mess around with and record guitar tracks (just for fun). I have an issue with when I apply an effect there is a delay between strumming a string and the audio output through the speakers. The Audiobox is selected to be the recording device and without any effects applied through the Presonus studio one there is no delay. Soon as I apply an effect it is delayed. My P.C. is a fully custom built high end computer that I built, I am very knowledgeable about computers and this is a very high end computer with top components so I know it is not an issue with computer specs. If anyone has any knowledge about these products that can help would be great. Thanks!
You probably want to ask this in the recording forum.
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You probably want to ask this in the recording forum.

cool thanks i will post it there
Not familiar with presonus studio, but in some of the software I use there is a parameter for pre-delay. If I remember right, you might be looking to make sure this is set to 0