Intro guitar riff is very good, and so are the vocals. The guitars at 1:02 could be tighter (on the intro too), unless you added delay on purpose. Other than that: if this is rough, then I want to hear your polished sound! Electric bass is nice, sometimes I wanted it a bit louder. Cool song! I don't think it would take much work to make it radio worthy. Please review my music at this link:

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Great track, especially if you consider this "rough". Well layered, and builds nicely. The intro starts off very quietly, and the guitar comes in a bit abruptly. I like the feel of the vocals, although I feel like sometimes they could use a bit more- maybe some harmonies at the more intense parts? Really liked it overall though.

demo is always gonna be a demo rough or not. it has potential! im interested to hear what you take from it an add on it has everything to be a real good tune hopeful to hear any updates on it. I would like to hear harmonies vocally on some of these parts for sure keep it up keep us posted...c4c?
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