Not sure if anyone knows about this but I purchased an Audiobox usb that came with Presonus Studio one V.3 to mess around with and record guitar tracks (just for fun). I have an issue with when I apply an effect there is a delay between strumming a string and the audio output through the speakers. The Audiobox is selected to be the recording device and without any effects applied through the Presonus studio one there is no delay. Soon as I apply an effect it is delayed. My P.C. is a fully custom built high end computer that I built, I am very knowledgeable about computers and this is a very high end computer with top components so I know it is not an issue with computer specs. If anyone has any knowledge about these products that can help would be great. Thanks!
answered my own question. After a bit of research and messing around with settings I had to adjust the bit rate down to 256 on the Audiobox control panel and it resolved my issue.
There's the "playback" button, to the far left is your direct guitar signal, to the far right it is only your computer signal. I think you might've had both on, so when you engage the "record monitor" (next to record in Studio One), you hear the passthrough signal as well as the input direct signal.

The idea of the "playbacl" mix button is to disable the "monitor record" button in S1 when you're tracking say an already effected source so you won't have to worry about latency. If you want to hear it through your system with effect, then move all the way to the right and keep the "record monitor" button selected, then you will hear the recorded signal with the S1 effects applied, something you'd use if you're running say Ampire or other amp modeler.

My audiobox looks different than yours. and you lost me on what you said. here is a pic of what mine looks like.

Same idea on the Mixer knob, it works as a "blend" button.
Basically Mixer on hard right is your guitar signal at source, i.e. what you're sticking into the input. Mixer at far right is your guitar signal after the input in S1 (with say amp modeling and other fx in realtime).

If you want to monitor your guitar after it goes into the S1 you need to have the "record" and "Monitor" both selected as in this pic, where it says "Piano Guide" on the track - see how there is a red and blue button pressed down?

The idea of the Mixer knob is in case you have to work with heavy load on the CPU you can monitor your signal at source as it comes in. If you're using external processing or recording miked guitars then that is not an issue, you just disengage the "monitor" button in S1 (the blue one in the pic) and blend in the amount of incoming with the amount of playback with the Mixer knob on the front. If you want to record direct and use processing in S1 while you're recording, turn the mixer to the far right, where it says "Playback".

This will probably explain better:
Yep starting to get it now. Also found some guides on youtube. This is the first recording program and interface I have used so its new to me. A lot of features in the program. I am not doing anything professional with it. Its mainly for personal uses and fun. Is there any way to add some sort of drum's to the tracks? I do not play drums nor know anyone who does but it would be fun If I could create a drum track to go along with what I record with my guitars. Also what is the 48v button for?
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48v - phantom power for condenser mics

Check out Impact - it is a drum program with samples, I also think they have a drum synth sounds in their piano synth (Presence).

You can also use keyboard to tap out drum parts. Read the manual, it is all in there.