Is squier neck pocket the same as american standard neck pocket? I have a cheap squier, but the neck is destroyed and I need a replacement so I was wondering if a warmoth neck would fit it
The vast majority of Squier Strats use the standard Fender neck pocket, but a Warmoth neck for a Squier would generally be overkill - look at eBay for actual Fender or Squier necks that will cost a fair bit less once you factor in finishes and nuts.

If it's a Classic Vibe or a Vintage Modified it might be worth it, but the lower end Squiers you could probably replace the guitar for less than the cost of the neck
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Its a vintage modified, with alot of mods, better pickups, better bridge and new electronics. The neck may be an overkill, this squier is really as good as some new mim strats
if it's worth it to you, then it's worth it. if you ever wanted to put that warmoth neck on another strat you could down the road.

there are also cheaper neck options but if you want warmoth quality, have at it.
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I just replaced the neck on my Affinity Strat with a neck from Stewmac and it fit. There was a bit of play but I had no issues.