This is good, man! I assume it's a work in progress based on the unfinished ending, though?

I liked the bouncy chugs working in tandem with the the runs. I loved the feel of starting the run on the last 16th note off a measure like that. The mixed meter main theme had a great groove. I'm glad the guitars branched off every now and then and played their own thing or harmonize. I feel like bands, writers, and even myself sometimes forget to use instruments to their full potential and make the guitars counter one another every once in a while.

The 7/4 piano introduced at 20 sounded very pleasant. The cross sticks on the drums starting at measure 22 were well placed. It's a nice beat, but I might suggest adding another kick on beat 4 of each of those measures, just for even more groove. The groove at part d is good, drums are too quiet though. The piano part at 45-50 was choice writing, very lyrical with good note choice. Bringing back c momentarily was nice way to reference what came before and transition back into b. I like the small variations you add. Always a good choice. The runs were a well done way to introduce f. The added 12 frets to the original riff were a sweet way to add an extra layer of syncopation to an already groovy riff. The acoustic and electric pianos sounded great layered in g. I like how you often put the important notes and licks on off beats. It makes the riffs feel angular and that's a good quality.

Section I was a solid transition. Nice shredding over solid chords. I like how you keep stabbing those off beats with chords in g2. Good stuff. The drumming in the first 4 measures of g2 seems pretty awkward, though.

I don't know if you meant for this to happen but the sound just cuts out in the middle of 126 and that's a really jarring (in a not so good way) ending if that was intended. And there's 30 seconds of empty measures after that before more writing comes up. That makes me uncertain if you want me to hear the rest or not. So I suggest you end the song properly if you wanted to end where the song cuts out.

If it was supposed to end with the last riffs, 162 was catchy. However, harder dissonance of the first couple of bars in the riff starting at 171 doesn't seem to mesh with the softer dissonance present in most other areas of the song. It doesn't feel like it belongs, but that might be exactly what you're going for. Idk. Anyways, it seems like a nice solo is getting started at 178, but it cuts out just as it was gaining steam, so finish that, I guess. The last few measures of piano sounded nice, but seem like they could be stronger and lack finality.

Overall, based on what I've heard, I think the riffs are often really good. The drums and bass are largely solid. I think they feel a little too open and simplistic compared to the guitars a few rare spots. So, watch that. When you have those riffs that stress the off beats, always get the drums in on that. Like in f, it'd be great to have snares added on the same beat as the 12's. I had an overall good time with this, for sure.
im glad i fought my laziness and gave this a listen, it absolutely kicks ass! i like how its metal as hell, yet oddly chill in a lot of places (maybe its the sweet chord usage)

the "main theme" and the part on 82 especially tickled my fancy. nice odd/funky grooves. those triplets on 115 are tasty too

i wish i could give some constructive criticism, but i really cant find anything to complain about. maybe give it a sweet guitar solo or something

im saving this btw. its a definite jam

and when you get the chance, would you mind giving one of my recent works a listen?


any of the 3 would be nice (or all if youre feeling generous ), but preferably one of the first 2