I was a bit skeptical about buying an iron label - especially over the internet - after reading all of the bad reviews, but I found one that no one bid on yet on the bay. The listing was awful so it didn't get any views or bids, so I took it away for $350 (after him sending me pictures of the side view of the frets, which were still practically new). I don't have any pictures yet, but here it is:

Contrary to all of the hate on the internet, the thing plays like a dream. It's a 2013 model (I thought they came out in 2014 ). I must have been one of the lucky ones it sounds like. The fretwork is almost prestige level. I can tell its never gotten a fret level because they're still really tall. No sharp fret ends, and I can get really low action.

The fretboard was exceedingly nasty, so I had to clean it, but after a nice setup the thing played and felt like a dream. Love the ebony.

Nitro wizard neck is a bit thicker than original and prestige wizards, but it still felt like one of the best necks on played. Worlds better than the wizard II/III and the prestige wizard from 2005 - 2012 (New super wizard is the best).

The abalone purfling is kind of nice, and the finish was nice and thin. The bubinga top really shows.
Wow what a steal! I'm super jealous congrats! It's difficult to find a good hardtail S-series Ibanez.

FWIW--there's nothing at all wrong with the Iron Label Ibanez guitars. Fanboys just like to circle jerk themselves over Prestige and J-Craft models so they trash the Iron Label series without either playing a single one or even knowing a damn thing about them.
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Beautiful top on that thing!
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Sick guitar! I am getting an Iron Label RGD 7 string very soon, I think Iron Label is the tits!
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Sweet guitar and awesome price, buying blind is tough especially when going on reviews, sadly often a few bad reviews can give an instrument a bad rep because everyone else just passes on the info which often times can be from a guitar snob.

Anyhow congrats on a great deal that top is awesome HNGD rock on!
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that looks really nice.

i have played a few iron labels and i liked them, even the bad ones, its nothing an hour with a little filing wont fix.
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Gorgeous guitar! I'm reeaallly GAS'n for the 7-string version of that thing. Enjoy your axe!
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