I have your basic, good ol' reliable Black strat. White pickguard, rosewood fretboard, HSS all the good stuff. Except it looks boring as hell. It sounds amazing as it does, I just want it to not look boring. I play in a punk/metal band and it's the primary guitar that I use, but I also like to play some clean solo stuff. What can I do to make it look good for the rock shows without making it look unusable for clean stuff? I was thinking I could paint some textures on it, I just cant think of what to put on it. Any help would be great
pickguards are where everyone starts you've got sites like the following, just make sure you watch a youtube video or two to see how to reassemble a pickguard.
IKNMusic on ebay if you don't mind drilling , 11$ american for a pickguard and backplate

stickers one punk rock guitarist used and i'm not gonna lie it looked pretty cool. I guess it's the attitude you have and an extension of yourself so if you like it , it shouldn't matter. The last strat I had was black with a rosewood fretboard I turned black , all black parts and a red pearl pickguard. Sounded terrible as it was only a walmart guitar but I did a lot of cool things to it.
Check out Axewrap.com and axewraps.com

You can have the guitar itself wrapped with transit vinyl that can be easily removed when you need to. This is not, for example, an old or reliced guitar, but one that's been covered with an vinyl wrap:

Or you can have almost any kind of graphic printed up:

/\ I need to get me an Axewrap of Isla Fisher/Sasha Grey
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I make my own pickguards, so my approach would be to get a piece of clear acrylic and paint it from the back. I've alos done lap steel fretboards like that If you use rattle can acrylic you will bet a marbled effect, because the colours melt into each other. If you use poly, the colours stay separate.
My plan was just to get some sheets of adhesive white vinyl, print something out on my printer, and slap it on...If it sucks, it's easily changed.