I was in the musicians Union in the 60s and early 70s. The story was if you were not in the musicians Union you would be blacklisted and none of the clubs would hire you.

So all of my bandmates were in the union so I joined too. It really was like an initiation"Dave, we got to get you in the union" I think I knew it was a crock I wanted to join to have that cool card to flash to all my friends, family and chicks. That's all I ever really wanted from the union. I didn't expect anything from it.
I think it was $32 if memory serves . $32 in 1967 money.

At some point in time, somewhere I'm sure the musicians Union served a purpose.

I don't even know if the musicians Union still exists. I do not know if it was ever even really legitimate.
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sounds like some chap bummed you out of 32 1967 dollars

Its a common scam
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