Good day! First post. Playing bass for about 16 years and guitar for 13. A few bands here and there, but nothing more than some bar shows and parties in the area. Mostly just a couch shredder and a drunken campfire serenader, you know, like most of us here.
Now that we have the awkward introductions out of the way, the question: has anyone here had a long term relationship with a hollow body bass? I say relationship because I don't care if you own one, I want to know if you've seriously played one for 5 plus years and the quirks that go with it. I'm looking for a new bass and am drawn to the hollow bodies. I've played a friends mid '00's ibanez double cutaway, but felt the tone lacklustre and just all around dainty. Not just the pick up, but just holding it. I'm not willing to accept this is how all hollow bodies feel. I've mainly been playing a fender power jazz bass special (active Pb&J combo with a jazz neck) for the past 12 years, and absolutely love how solid she is (yes there's Stories lol) but I want to expand my sound and techniques. I can make an educated guess, but first hand experience and advice would be appreciated.
Cheers - Mark