Hey, I'm a Guitar player looking for some other musicians from UG to form a band in the area. I don't want to limit it to a sub-genre so anywhere within the Rock/Metal style.

I'm 25 and have been playing for 10+ years, I have experience in the local scene as well. Let me know what you play, what bands you listen to at the moment and where you're from if you're interested, we'll figure something out!

Actually if you're interested and you're not from the area, we can even do an online band thing. Let me know!

Hey, whats up man,

I'm from the New York area, been playing for a while.

I listen to a lot of shit, not too much metal, but some.

Right now I'm listening to a lot of 90s Rock, some soundgarden, rhcp, and some post-rock

let me know if your down to jam out or what not .