Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips/advice on starting to learn to play the guitar from scratch. I turn 21 next month with not a lot to show for it, so I would really like to learn guitar. It's something I've been umming and arring about for a long time now. I have a few questions I hope you can help me out with. Firstly, what are my chances of picking it up? I know with a lot of instruments they say the younger you start the better, but will my age really affect my ability to learn? Secondly, I'm a leftie with gigantic hands and long fingers. I know the variety of guitars is a lot smaller for left handed players but that's not the issue, the thing I'm worried about is will having massive hands and long fingers affect my ability to press the strings and manoeuvre my hand along the fret? And does being left handed make it any more difficult to play? Lastly, can anyone recommend a good guitar for a beginner, preferably electric. I don't want to spend silly amounts of money on my first guitar, but enough for something decent that will last, and is reletively easy to learn with. I'm planning on paying for some lessons with a professional guitar instructor in my city. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!!
I am 21 myself and still quite a newb. I am also left handed but I decided to learn right handed because the guitars are cheaper and more variety.
It really doesn't matter at what age you learn.

But it is all on you. It is not too difficult to play right handed while being left handed but if you don't feel comfortable with it, then just get a left handed guitar. Big hands shouldn't be much of a trouble. Just don't get a super strat (the body and neck is smaller)
It is NEVER to late to learn. If you practice hard, and practice correctly, you WILL get results. My hands are tiny, I've always wished I had longer fingers, it will definitely not be detrimental to your playing. I'm sure you could find a cheap Ibanez or something to start out with, you don't need anything fancy but you do want something of quality. I picked up a really nice Schecter at a local pawn shop for 50 bucks, you may want to look at some pawn shops. Lessons are encouraged, they may seem a little slow at first but you have to get the basics down. Once you do this it will become so much fun