Found this Les Paul Classic at my door after work today.

I like the looks although even at first glance the craftsmanship is skoppier than on my 2015 Standard. It´s definitely lighter. Sounds nice, just like a Les Paul should, but have only played at neighbour-friendly volume so far. Rehearsals tomorrow so it´ll get some loud testing and I can report if the 15db boost is useful or not.


That's the Classic "Rock" model right? Cool look.
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That's the Classic "Rock" model right? Cool look.


Music Store in Germany is blowing them out as if they were infected with smallpox, I just couldn´t say no.
that looks pretty sweet. i want...
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Gibson´s QC definitely didn´t look at the finish on the neck, especially where the finish meets the binding. Same can be said for the binding on the body, The Koreans who made my Hagstrom wouldn´t have let something like that pass. There´s a really noticeable crevice between binding and body/neck almost all the way around. That said, I´ll try to set it up with the very low action I like. If that works I might keep it, considering Gibson resale value sometime in the future. The "rock Turqouise" finish on top is really nice and well done though!
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That does look nice.

BTW, you should set the date on your camera.
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That does look nice.

BTW, you should set the date on your camera.

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