Hey guys,

I already asked the wiring thread for some help rewiring my 80's MIJ Squier Strat, I've got that all worked out. The next thing I want to do with it is replace the nut and restore the saddles. The nut I figure will be easy, just buy a new nut and file it down to fit,right?

The saddles however, I'm not sure about. It's a vintage style trem, not the Series I/II/III they used on some of the Japanese Strats. The saddles are already fairly well rusted, for the time being I bought some plain replacements ones from Guitar Center, but I figure I can use something to clean them off and make the old ones useable again. Any suggestions?

pictures would help
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Can do! Just a couple minutes, I'll add them to this post.


The bridge itself is fairly clean, I'm not worried about cleaning it up. Just the saddles, the screws for adjusting intonation are fairly well rusted as are the height adjustment screws.
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I don't mind stuff looking worn, so I would just wire brush and oil or lacquer them.

I don't mind the worn look either. There's a bit of fret buzz on the ninth fret of the high E, that's why I figured cleaning the saddles up a bit would help.
Fret buzz is fret buzz, the only thing about the saddles that will change that is the height.
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