Hey, I need help connecting my looper to headphones instead of an amp. I used a female/male Jack adapter and connected the headphones into the big Jack OutL, of course the signal is heard only in the left piece. I need a way to either simulate mono signal being stereo (need it to ring out in both channels) or to connect my headphones to both OutL and OutR. Any help will be appreciated!
2016-02-17 20.37.05.jpg
Thanks for the tips. I wondered if a mono adapter would make a difference. Do you think it would be signaled as a dual mono sound? Also, I have been looking for a similar Y-cable, but the only type I have found is a dual-male into a male, which would require another female-female adapter, which I couldnt find
That's ideal! Now I gotta find the exactly same one at one of my Polish sites ^^'
Is your problem solved?
I need your help. I am also confused with same thing.
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