Hey guys.. what's a small, good quality, easy to use recorder to just be able to take to lessons and be able to use to play back directly from ? I just bought the Zoom H1 and it's not what I need. It records well but the playback through the unit is terrible. Please let me know. Thanks in advance !
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The Zoom should sound pretty good. What are you using play to hear the playback? If you are using inexpensive ear buds or something that would be the issue but I have used a Zoom H1 that my partner owns to do quick and dirty live recording when we do gigs and through my system the playback is really decent. Placement of the unit is critical for pickup. I would recommend the Tascam recorders (I like the Tascam DP-006) but sound wise for live stuff the Zoom shouldn't be much different sound wise. It has decent mics and full 24 bit recording capabilities. I understand that there was an issue with it eating batteries very quickly but I think there is a firmware update that fixes that issue. Good luck.
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Zoom H1 playback is great with a pair of headphones or IEMs. Or you can plug it into any powered speaker.