Hi guys.

My name is Alper from Turkey.
I am 24 years old and from time to time i pick up my fathers old "cimar" electro guitar and play around to entertain myself with tabs. But this january i started learning guitar for good. Bought myself a Squier Bullet Strat with HSS. Right now i dont have any AMP but im using Rocksmith 2014 with real tone cable to entertain myself and do some lessons on it. Other times im learning from a book with musical notes.
Anyway i dont wanna write a book about my life so here is my question;

Budget: Around 250$. I can get over 250 if necessary.

Genre: I really like texas blues and blues in general. So clean tones is kinda important for me. But of course i also like to play some rock'n roll and hard rock. Not fond of metal and other heavy stuff.

New or Used: Can be new or used. Doesnt matter to me.

Home or Gig: Definitely home.

Closest City: Im not even in the closest country to USA.

Current Gear: Nothing except rocksmith 2014 real tone cable.

So far i discovered Line 6 Spider IV 15 and 30 which is looking good.
Other than that, Marshall MG 100 DFX looks quite nice. But there is a lot of hate towards those AMP's on forum as far as i read.
Fender AMP's is kinda hard to find in Turkey. There is Laney and Vox AMP's but not being sold everywhere either. So im waiting for advices

Thanks in advance!
Thank you very much for answer kabadi man. Im gonna check out youtube videos and see if i can grab one nearby.
You can get a lot of amp for 250 bucks. I would suggest an amp brand named Acoustic. You can pick up a new 20w for well under 100 bucks, and use the remaining cash to buy a few pedals. The Line6 Spider amps are very nice, and give you many mods to play around with, but they do not have a true clean channel sound. the marshal mg series is nice as well, and you should be able to get one for a little bit under the price you are looking to spend. hope this helps, and rock on!