So I'm left handed, been playing for around two years, and I recently got my hands on a beautifully painted Ibanez Prestige, and love the thing to death. I'm really into Ibanez now, and I'm wanting to stick to playing them, but there are a lack of them with a decent variety of options compared to what Schecter, ESP, or even Dean has to offer... I found a white RG450( I think that's the model) for around $400, but again, I want to add some color to it(and possibly get some Dimarzio pups in it)... I saw an amazing 7 string RG that was a sort of sapphire blue,

This may come off as sort of noobish, but I was wondering what it'd cost, or say, how hard it'd be to replicate that paint job? I'm open to whatever I have to do if it's reasonably straightforward to replicate something like it, my friend's father has a space to do all the kinds of stuff I'd need to do(he builds and paints signs professionally). And if it'd be best to have it done by a pro, if anyone knows of any good custom guitar shops that offer some reasonable prices I'd appreciate it!
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to be 100% accurate to get the figures in the wood and all isn't going to be easy. I'm no carpenter but that looks like a burled wood underneath which burled is a fancy way of saying rotten which has a certain look. You COULD get a print of that wood texture with a bit of photoshopping and get some decent results but when you look at flamed maple and all it's not paint it's wood with dye in it sealed in wood finish. The slammer WG1 or certain fenders (maybe squiers not actual fenders) print a photo of wood with a similar grain where it's the perfect color and all you just seal it. The con is there would be no contrast and all in the light like you'd know you're looking at a photo.

for more information on wood staining this video comes to mind, sullys guitar garage did an excellent video too to show you how to do the burst and all if you don't care about the textures of the wood.. honestly I'd rather a pro do something that intricate unless it was like a cheap 100$ project guitar.

this for example is elm burl , I've seen Dean Zelinsky's new line of guitars "DBZ guitars" use different species of wood to burl but this guitar below me with an elm burl top wasn't cheap by skervesen I can imagine.
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Oh man, I didn't even think of that look being part of the body wood. I suppose I'll try and figure out a different way to customize it. I was thinking of doing a swirl finish, or a burst in blue, sort of like that 7 string... Lol anything that isn't gloss black or white would work for me.
If you think your guitar body might not have fancy wood figuring and you can cope with some fairly easy woodwork, you could try making a laminate top with wood of your choosing. Also have in mind, if you add a thick top, you might need to rise the neck socket. Actually check out these series, the process is explained in more detail.
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