I love going to rock and punk shows but have no idea how to find out when there are shows in the city. I know of a couple of venues here that I like to go to but I'm sure that there are smaller bands playing loads of small places around here that I don't know of. How in the world do you find out about these gigs? I live in a huge city and music is everywhere. I just don't know how to find it, any tips?
Join your town's local music group on Facebook if you're looking for unknown people. If not I just look at the 'What's On' pages of the two or three venues around here.
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Facebook groups, being in a band, meeting/making friends with other bands, etc. mainly just networking at shows and shit. Theres also "ask a punk" kind of shows out here to find addresses for house shows. Works well enough.

Booking yer own shows is the best too. DIY bruh
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Oh yeah, I should probably mention that I would have to find all-ages places.
Thanks for the input so far guys!
Go to other band's shows, buy them a beer and make friends with them. Mention your band, ask if they need an opener. That's how I got probably a third of my shows with startup bandss.
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