Hi all, trying to find a recommendation for a private instructor in NYC. I've been playing Guitar for almost 20 years and attended Berklee College of Music so my harmony chops are pretty solid. However I've been mostly focusing on composing than guitar playing and my chops have definitely fallen off.

Looking for someone in NYC who's really solid and comfortable with teaching late intermediate to early advanced students.
Dude it's NYC...there is a ton.

This is a long shot but I went to High School with this guy and even back then he was a force to be reckon with on the guitar. It's worth a shot for I understand he works out of NYC.


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I'm sure there are some great instructors in NYC, but I'm also sure that there are a lot of poor ones. So, I get why you'd want a recommendation. I would imagine that in a place like that, the best ones will likely be pretty expensive. I think it's also kind of a personal thing. If you studied at berklee, and like that academic approach, I would imagine the suggestion of asking your contacts at berklee would be a great way to start. Even if they end up too expensive, one of those guys might have some elite student that could help you out for cheaper.