My Fender Jazz Deluxe has the truss rod at the heel of the neck, like the old vintage models. i can reach it and adjust it without taking the neck off from the body, but i wonder if its necessary to still do so ?
No, and you'd be better off not taking the neck off to adjust. Doing so introduces the potential of stripping out a screw hole in the neck or resetting it slightly crooked and ending up with misaligned strings over your pickups and neck.
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If you can adjust it without taking the neck off, why would you want to take the neck off?
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It is acceptable to remove the neck to adjust the truss rod.
What you must not do is over tighten the screws when refitting the neck, also, check the alignment of the neck prior to making the final tightening of the wood screws.
Don't make to big a turn of the truss rod especially when tightening, quarter turn increments are advisable.
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