Back in October of 2012 they held a contest to remix three of the songs from the Halo 4 OST. I opted to do all three, and stripped them down to nothing, wrote guitar parts, bass parts, added drums, and pretty much changed them entirely from the originals. Surprisingly I was one of the very, very few who decided to go the route of metal.
Anyways, there are three songs, and they're all available free to D/L. Crit any you'd like!
Revival is melodic and heavy, To Galaxy is more heavy, and Awakening is a more laid back tune. Hope you enjoy the listen as much as I did re-writing these!


Halo 4 OST Remixes - Free D/L

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Very nice production work man, very professional imo. I loved your guitar tone it's sits perfectly in the mix along bass and drums. You're playing is very clean, bluesy and jazzy influence you have kind of reminds me Avenged Sevenfold. the industrial turn the piece takes towards the end is fantastic and a great ending to the piece, would you mind if I sampled it haha? Overall great work man, I can't really fault it at all, playing and production were all top notch.

You can find my music here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1696884
Hey man, thanks for your crit!

Revival is cool, classic opening track vibe. The guitar that comes in is a little too loud compared to the choral voices, it kinda blasts my ears off. That is literally my only criticism, the mix in everything else is immaculate. The tones are good, the playing is clean, and the quiet bit is a great break in the song before a classic headbangy bit. Good job.

The Galaxy is mean, reminds me a bit of Iron Maiden in the soloing especially. In terms of structure and tones and general vibe its very similar to the first one. However mix is good, maybe add a bit of top end to your kick though.

Awakening is cool, again very dramatic with the power chords and synth. The snare sounds a little bit weak compared to the guitar tones, maybe look into a better virtual drum kit. The leads sound cool, I love guitar harmonies. Well structured, just be wary of sounding a tad repetitive. Other than that, good sounding track my friend
Hi There!

Thanks so much for checking out my track and providing some mixing suggestions. I appreciate this greatly as mixing music has been tough for me to grasp.

Onto the subject at hand!

Let me first say that I am not extremely familiar with the Halo franchise (or the original tracks), but I must say these are very solid compositions and your playing is inspiring.

Revival is a well produced, heavy song with technical leads and excellent grooves. This track has an almost cinematic feel - something which I find hard to capture in my own work. This track reminds me of the project Conquering Dystopia.

To Galaxy has a symphonic start, there's also a thumping accompanying beat behind it. Around 0:55 I felt like there was a lot going on and found it hard to focus on any one element. This was quickly addressed by the entrance of the leads.

The beat and synth accompaniment in Awakening almost sounds industrial to me. At about 0:50 the track shifted to a more progressive rock/metal feel.

Thanks for sharing your creations with me!
Hey man, thanks for the crit.
I'm a melodic death fan so based on your advice I chose to listen to Revival a couple of times.
I really enjoyed the lead playing. I found the solo parts to have a really nice mix of shred/showmanship and tasteful lead playing, with some interesting note choices that meant even though it was so solo heavy it never really got overbearing. I also found that the melodies between the solos really carried the song in the absence of vocals.
And the backing choir and synth added a really nice epic feel to the song.
The quiet section in the middle also gave a nice breathing point and the structure of the song was pretty spot on for what you were working with. Great track.
Thanks for your feedback on my track and checking out my shit. Great solo's !!wow!! of course that is the thing that stuck out to me I love peoples solos lol. You're a ridiculously great player one of the best I have heard on here. Great compositions Revival was the most fun to listen to the playing is fantastico, awakening has the best Intro though. Everything is on point I cant help you .