Hey guys, I was looking at a vox ac15 on sweetwater and noticed the 3 month financing where you pay 1/3 of the purchase up front, 1/3 about a month later, and the rest about a month after that. It looks pretty appealing, but I only have a debit card, so I was wondering if I could use that as apposed to a credit card. I was also wondering what your thoughts on financing gear is.

surely they have the terms listed on their website?

also financing is financing. if you can afford the monthly payments then yeah it's great, depending on the interest.
Use zZounds instead. zZounds does the same thing but without interest because it isn't a credit line. Having a credit line can be advantageous, but that usually isn't the case if it's specific to one company/dept. store/whatever. Sweetwater also requires a credit check and you'll probably be turned down if you've never had a credit line before. With zZounds, you can use your debit card.
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yeah if they charge interest that is silly imo don't do it. i mean you can and yeah that may be an option if you have to like for a house or car or something but if you do not have to do not do financing with interest.

go to a shop and see if they can order you one and put it on layaway. presuming they don't charge interest.

hey if you come to the shop i work at we can get you one no interest. and i can play test it for you too.