Hey everyone.

So I've noticed this thing all over the UG. People rate others 5 stars just because they're first to tab the song, or made a big effort in making the tab. What do you think about the subject?

I for one, as a tabber, hate that kind of thing. I also see this particular kind of rater in the bass tabs, where people think it's perfect, because they don't really CHECK the tab, just play along. If it sounds good with the song, they rate 5 stars. This happens in the guitar section too, but not as much.

Just my two cents...
its a combination for me if its laid out good, easy to follow, sectioned off in the proper sections like verses, chorus, bridge, solos, and maybe has times every so often, and if it is good with the original, I suppose I have the habit of not rating tabs often than I should, but i only rate when it,s pretty spot on for me
When I rate tabs, I always rate on how much the person tabbed and how well the person tabbed it (accuracy, if it's organized, etc). I never rate just cuz someone is the first to tab a certain song, that's pretty lame tbh.
I have high expectations, especially since I don't search out tabs for myself usually. I don't rate for effort; I rate for accuracy.

Others might have different expectations; however, these are mine, and I will either abstain, comment, or make a new tab should all versions not be up to my expectations.
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you're acting like you have perfect pitch or something
I've found myself making tabs more often because I find mistakes in other peoples tabs nowdays. Usually it goes along like this:
"Ooh, this tab has 5 stars. Time to learn this song! ...No wait, what's this? Why is this not a natural harmonic? This is not the right note right here!? Maybe the comments have the right tabs down... "Great tab! I've been waiting forever for this, 5 stars!" "It's almost correct, but you're the first so 5 stars" ....Fucking comment section..."
Once, I got an email from a tabber because I gave its Guitar Pro tab 3 stars (the tab was only guitar, no bass, no drums), he told me "I always think judge it for what has been transcribed, not for what hasn't" and requested 5 stars if I was happy with the guitar part and it was the only tab.
But I think that what is missing is as important as what is there ! (and also, I was mostly looking for the bass tabs ^^)

Moreover what you ask to a tab is not the same if it's a "text" tab, a chord tab or a Guitar Pro tab !

I try to be equally fair to all the tabs I rate (my "policy" is published on my profile) but it's hard. I always keep the 5 stars for "perfect" tabs (aka "it will be hard to do better").
Being the first helps a little (I might rate a little better a poor tab just because I'm happy to find one instead of nothing), but it won't get the tab 5 stars
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well to be honest i think if i was the guy and you rated it 3 stars for something that is not there that's kinda harsh and I would be kinda pissed off, the guitar could be 100% right, but you over looked that just because something is not there, maybe you should have not rated it and asked the guy to add that bass, or just went and made a bass tab yourself, kinda rating a tab because something ain't there, you can't really rate it, because of that. now if he did do the bass and it was terrible then yea give him 3 stars for it being bad. just my way of thinking any way.
No that's not you (or you have another account).
And when I rate, I usually comment why (always if 3 or less, never if 5, 4 is a grey area ^^), and change my rating if the tab is fixed.

After discussing I admitted that 3 stars is harsh because the guitar was good so I changed it to 4 stars. But I can't give 5 stars to a tab that is missing instruments. I need something to differenciate a tab with all intruments which is much more work that a tab with only guitars ? They don't deserve the same rating.
I don't give 5 stars "for the effort", but because it is more accurate (aka all instruments are there)
^ You misunderstand the language.

1. He was stating his reaction if he were the person you rated, not that he was.
2. Completeness and accuracy are different. One can be accurate without being complete. One can be complete without being accurate.
2a. If all instruments are there, but the file sounds like trash, that's not better than a perfect guitar file.
3. There is such thing as just leaving a comment and not rating. Sometimes that's the better idea.
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lots of flirting with the other key without confirming. JUST LIKE THEIR LOVE IN THE MOVIE OH DAMN.
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you're acting like you have perfect pitch or something
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^ You misunderstand the language.

Oups, I missed the "if"

I agree on your points, an accurate but not complete GP tab (I always refer to GP tab, I'm only interested in those) will still get a good rating with me, just not 5 stars.

Of course you can comment without rating, I also do that (I usually check if the user is active or not). But rating is a way to put forward the best tab amongst the existing ones (and it's not always the last one).
The problem if you don't have a fixed rule about rating is that at the end, you might end up with several tabs which all have 5 stars but really differ in quality (or just in completeness), and you have to check them all to see which is the best.
That goes against the usefulness of the rating.

To get back on the topic, this is also the reason why giving a good rating for effort is a bad idea (or you'll have to change it if someone submits a better one... which I think is a worse behavior).
ha ha no it was not me, and the guy that done the GP tab might only be a guitarist, he may not want to do bass, drums, vocals, keyboards, just like someone only wants to do a solo, he may of only done it to get the guitar out, all's i wanted to say is just judge what you can see fairly and not judge whats not there.
Ha, that was my tab that killergege originally rated with 3 stars, a Black Sabbath song.
Thanks to ayreon77 and NeoMvsEu for their comments, that's pretty much exactly what I think, rate the tab for the accuracy of what has been transcribed and yeah, good idea about leaving a comment to say "nice, but I'd like the bass or drums" rather than rating.

I'm a guitarist so yes, that's why I don't usually do bass or drums (have found someone to collaborate with on drums sometimes), but I do transcribe vocals, keyboards, all orchestral instruments, etc.
And I really take a lot of time to make sure the guitar is as perfect as it can be, so it is annoying to get 3 stars for having no bass or drums ;-) Also a lot of people seem to just put any old garbage down for the bass & drums, e.g. when I can tell straight away that they've messed up a simple kick drum pattern then you know it can't be accurate.

Funnily enough I just got 3 star ratings on two other tabs (Black Sabbath & Queensryche) and I suspect it's for the same reason, because the guitar is very accurate, I promise. I've sent them messages asking why but if they don't reply I may have to ask u-g to fix/remove them.