so i have found a great playing rg at a music go round ........ and im plaining an over haul ... number one emg pups im under the impression they take no soldering ...... and if that is the case how much of a pain in the ass will it be to take one of the kirk hammet sets and replace the single at the neck with another 81 and two a floyd rose special should fit where the lic. one was right ...... its a RG207B .... im planing a paint job and the whole nine but the hardware and engine gots to be fixed first

this is my first "real" mod ........ so any help would be awesome
oh and stupid question but on the pre wired set .... i can remove the tone and volume electronics to place in a rear mounted guitar
Unless they are marked/sold as solderless pickups you will usually need to solder. They have some great sets either way. But don't make the assumption, double check. Also, most stock guitars do not have solderless wiring harnesses so you would need to replace the whole thing if you want to go solderless.

Not sure I understand "rear mounted guitar"?

It isn't that hard to bypass tone or even volume pots but I would highly recommend searching online for diagrams before you go wiring anything. Seymour Duncan has a lot of different diagrams for different pups and options, as do many other websites. Just search for "EMG no tone no volume wiring diagram" and see what happens.

The floyd.. I can't help you there. Never liked them so no personal experience with that system.

If/when you paint, everything will need to come off the guitar so it's a good place to get a hold on the wiring situation. Or you can 'skin' the guitar. Lots of cool sites and great options for a totally different look without paint. Was looking at those today myself for a try.
i honestly hate how people go with emgs just for the sake they are solderless, you can get a seymour duncan liberator system or even PCB gear like svrew in terminals (get the green kind from thailand) and you can swap pickups at will. Every rockstar knows how to screw

all emg pickups made the last 10+ years have solderless backs to them, as do seymour duncan blackouts, BUT i say buy new like after 2010 because they have the entire system solderless. Honestly if there's a pickguard though I don't recommend EMG pickups. I've got a jem on my table right now I need to finish and there is hardly any room for the 9v battery. If i liked ibanez and kept it I would route a battery pack like newer Ibanez and all do. But the solderless gear is kind of "bulky" especially the island to install the switch but ask the guitar tech guy or contact EMG as I'm pretty sure now they got a solderless 3 or 5 way switch.....but... my favorite part, the input jack! yes the input jack most likely you'll have to solder in. My advice build a template out of cardboard so it stands up and you get a solid connection.

if you can get a floyd rose original 1000 go with that but the best ibanez bridge I hear guys talk about is the original edge which is very expensive, gotoh has some nice ones too but i don't recommend the special. the only thing special about the floyd rose special is the base plate is steel; everything else is weightless zinc so the tone will be terrible. The original 1000 can be hard to get as it's not exactly released to the public so after market sites like ebay you get lucky every now and then. Floyd upgrades can help you out a lot though as I swear by the brass big block. Anyone try the guitar fetish brass block floyds though by the way if you do go with a floyd rose you can get ones without the fine tuners cheaper, they look funny....that ... or with a d-tuna to go to a dropped tuning while playing.

sperzel locking tuners i swear james hetfield uses and they come in many many colors
polish the frets
axetremecreations or dragonfire (amongst other sites) for pickguards
qparts for custom knobs
schaller , dimarzio or dunlop strap locks
pickups are pickups go with what excites you , a lot of guys liked the james hetfield set i talked to recently more than the 81/60 and all but i'm a big passive fan