RP250 seems to sell for $40-45
sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgV8SonkYV0

RP3 seems to go for $60-80
it was made circa 98'
sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_5RSSX_GMc

in a slight rush, have a job interview to get to but would like to pick one of these up today on the way back from the interview.

inb4 analog is the only way to go. don't have the money for that set up, still learning shit but at the point where i should be looking at some effects as my amp (Kustom 15h) has no gain

will switch to analog when the time comes

thanks anyone who contributes, i may not respond but will read all replies as i am in a rush.
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Go with the RP250 because it is the cheapest. Either unit is not too great I don't think, but the 250 will get you by.

actually the rp3 is the cheaper of the two. the $s as currently stand are in the title.
though i am trying to get the rp250 down to 50 from 80... got him at 65 so far

why does the market have the rp3 as more expensive. made by same company, it's about 10 years older, seems less user friendly, though it is made of metal. also donwloading peoples patches is probably impossible for legacy gear like that... and i did look around a bit for rp3 patches...
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Look up Boss Me-50 or Me-25 at least for something semi-decent. These two are garbage.