Some great riffing here,dude. I especially liked the tapping parts and the programming (I assume they were programmed) on the drums is top-notch. Overall,a very nice song and has some catchy parts in it which is always good. The recording is however quite crude,which makes it harder to hear what's going on,which is a shame.

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https://soundcloud.com/mrlinssi/the-long-road (If you prefer not-so-heavy metal/epic rock)

https://soundcloud.com/mrlinssi/the-incursion (My latest work and my first steps in cinematic music)

Your playing is good, cannot flaw it in the slightest. However, the mix is kinda loud, and very in your face. It also needs a bit of EQ, particularly in the sort of mid-high/high frequences, and the tones youre using are very harsh. When youre EQing your guitars, roll of the high end just the slightest bit to make the tone a bit more easy to swallow.

Another trick you might like is to do with distortion. Professional guitarists almost always use a bit less distortion when they record than they do live and they do this for the sake of the mix, to make the guitars as clear as possible.

Other than that, cool track man.

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Guitarmaniac great stuff you got but you should make a thread or link a thread with your links so I can properly review it on there.

Tommy thanks a lot that kind of feedback helps so much I need that second discerning ear because I just do not hear this kind of shit in my recordings. I also rush things to much I need to take more time with my music and tweak with it more and practice. I will add EQing and try to make this recording sound better. I will get to your track when I get home from work.
I'm digging the production man (maybe because I love a rawness in quality haha), you're playing is tight and clean and there are some clever motifs and ideas in this piece. The tone isn't too gainy which makes it ideal to listen to, even the rhythm guitar sounds sick. Some of the chromatic runs are fun to listen to. It gets a bit samey towards the end but overall I enjoyed this track man, it held my attention which is what you want, maybe add vocals to it?

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Poison thanks for the feedback man I knew there had to be someone out there that would love the rawness of my recordings lol. I already reviewed your track though man .
Critting as I go, and that bit at the intro was weird, luckily the riff after it is pretty awesome. Great tone on the lead in the intro for the song, and some tricky riffage! The riff around :57 is fucking great! Loved the leads over it. 1:22 was a nice change of pace for the song, as I think every song can benefit from a nice chug in it. The lead bit at 2:04 was a nice addition to the song as well, and the riff at 2:28 is saweeet, as is the follow up bit around 2:50. The ending that starts around 3:20 is a nice finish too. Great song, and I'm actually listening to Frenetic Madness as well. You've got some awesome stuff going on, and I'm definitely looking forward to checking out the rest of your music!

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Look forward to hearing some more from you in the future!