isn't there a amp show in LA coming up ???.... Dspellman always talks about it , being able to crank em up and no sound police
ultra sound. guitar center platinum rooms. used gear.

best way really is to just start flipping gear. buy something and play with it for a few weeks and then return it or sell it.

there's not really that much you can tell about an amp in 10 minutes.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
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isn't there a amp show in LA coming up ???.... Dspellman always talks about it , being able to crank em up and no sound police

There are several "Amp Shows" put on by the same company (one in NY, one in Dallas (I think) and the LA Amp Show. It happens the first weekend in October at the Van Nuys Airtel Hotel. http://www.ampshow.com/ I just reviewed the website and it looks like there's one happening at the SF airport in May. Something new.

Thing is, you're not going to play vintage amps there; it's mostly private builders and manufacturers showing off new stuff.

I'm not aware of a museum. But I've been to Rumble Seat music in Ithaca, NY, and got to play a couple of original '59 bursts (nearly bought one of them) there, and played through my first Rikenbacker Transoniic amp. I think there's another Rumble Seat as well, in a more southern location. While they're mostly known for amazing vintage guitars, they do have a number of amps as well.

Los Angeles, of course, is the home of the vintage amp. The Vintage room in the Guitar Center on Sunset is a good place to start, and there are a number of other stores (Trutone, etc.) that have used/vintage gear. I haven't been to Norm's Rare Guitars in a while, but he used to have a pretty good selection of vintage amps.

If you talk to them VERY nicely, Line 6 may allow you to play a few of the original amps that they've used to produce their models from. They actually own every single one of those amps and have them at the Calabasas location.

We also have a number of guitar shows/swap meets that feature vintage amps (and guitars, natch). We just had one during the NAMM show at the Orange County Fairgrounds.

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A lot of studios and rehearsal rooms have gear on hand you can use. Obviously you are going to have to pay for the time but you will perhaps get a cheap rate if you aren't actually recording and they may see it as a "loss leader".
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we have THE HOUSE OF GUITARS here that has a bunch of old amps (guitars to). the one issue you will find with gear like that is places tend to not want to just let people come in and beat on them just cuz they want to try them out to say they did.
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Noticing in the background the sign for Norman's Rare Guitars.

Just in case anyone didn't know, that's where Nigel Tufnel's guitar collection was borrowed from for This Is Spinal Tap.
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