Not bad. You should however work on your bending (it was a bit out of tune) and especially vibrato,which should come from the wrist,NOT from the fingers. Paul Gilbert gives some really great tips in this video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0RLLreDUo0 But good job anyways!

I haven't done any covers lately but you can check out my original music:

https://soundcloud.com/mrlinssi/the-incursion (If you prefer epic soundtrack kind of stuff)

https://soundcloud.com/mrlinssi/the-long-road (If metal is more your thing)
The Incursion: that was pretty sweet. Great build up, nice playing. I would've maybe tried another build up after words, but it doesn't matter it worked pretty well.

The Long Road: Nice tune, great playing again. Love the synth over the guitar, sounds great and fits very well. Now just needs vocals! Great job!

thanks for the C4C