my friend is selling her fender telecaster thinline hollow body . It's serial number is mz6280198 and is Mexican made. I looked up the serial number and it seems it's made in 2006. Does that mean they remade the 72' in that year? Should the price be drastically reduced because of this, and because it is Mexican made? I'm just worried and unkowledgable about the difference in serial numbers and what year it is made, and how that effects the quality of the particular guitar . A lot of them are priced online around 800, but most of the time they don't include the serial number.
72' is a layout for Telecasters that have been remade every year since the mid 90's iirc. It just means they have two wide-range humbuckers and a 4 pot layout. The price of that guitar used is probably about $400.

They're all called '72 Deluxes because that's just what people called them. Doesn't necessarily denote the year that one was made.
Thanks justrooster . If it was priced at 400$ would you recommend buying it for a more experienced guitarist looking for a good show\preformance guitar? I can't spend more than around that price anyway.
I've definitely gigged with worse guitars. That 72 thinline will be more than fine!