I have an Epi Les Paul Custom Pro (2012 edition, I think) that I got used several months ago. I've had no issues with it and it's become my main. I went to do some home recording stuff today and when I pluck the A string, especially if I pluck it harder and around the neck pickup, there's this light buzzsaw-esque buzzing that seems to come from the bridge or pickups.
I'm flat broke, and my local guitar shop will charge you an arm and a leg just to look at your instrument. Anything I can check/fix on my own?

Thanks a bunch!
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Probably something really simple like the bridge's retainer wire rattling or a loose tuner bushing.

Difficult to say what it is without actually playing it.
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take out your pup and check if there is anything loose. once my guitar was buzzing but it was just a lose truss rod cover. and if its only the A or mainly the A string check your tuners hope you find a solution cheers!
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Push in on stuff on your guitar while plucking the problem string. When You push down on the thing that is causing the buzz you will know where the buzz is coming because the buzz be not as bad stop completely. Last time I had this problem it was a plastic strap lock. I can't remember what it was before that.