I think this is the best place for this.

I am thinking about getting a small synth unit for our pianists at Church. I do not want them to have to learn how to use a midi controller and a DAW. Just something I can make a few patches on (like a pad, EP, synth lead, etc.). I did have access to an Alesis Micron which kind of did what I want to but I am not sure if there is something better with an even easier-to-use interface.

Any suggestions? Budget is sub $200. I know that is kind of low but I am not willing to spend more because of how light of a unit I am asking for. As well as I could just get another Micron around that price so.
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Have you considered, rather than a synth, using samples triggered by a pad? You can't get much simpler than that. Granted you need to record the samples first (these can be single notes, phrases or complete sections). I favour single notes as more seems like cheating.

I bought an Akia MPX8. They are cheap as chips and incredibly flexible. I use mine as drum pads mainly. The only frustration with it is it does take a time to load a new sample set. Perhaps a minute, which seems like a long time while you wait.

It is also a midi controller so, if I get bored of using it for drums, I can use it to control my rack.
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