I'm trying to build a replica of SRV's Charley guitar. I've read that Charley did some unusual wiring on that guitar.

I've only found one place on the internet that shows anything about the wiring. It's a place that sells a pre-wired Charley control set. It's here: http://www.vintagestratocaster.net/SRV-CHARLEY-STRAT-WIRING-HARNESS-MADE-FOR-FENDER-STEVIE-RAY-VAUGHAN-STRATOCASTER-Sale-3180.html

It's a very low-res photo, but the photo below is what it looks like to me. The one thing missing is a ground wire from the volume pot to the tone pot.

Does this wiring make any sense?

Thanks for any replies.

yep, this will work.
*It's a standard 5 way blade for all the pickups
*the tone is wired in a way that it's a master tone, it's in the way you see say modern H/H 2 potentiometer guitars instead of the classic fender way.
grounding is good and all, i'm 100% sure it'll work.

if it was me and pedals didn't exist or digital stuff like "bias positive grid" app based guitar amp/pedal simulator i'd put a TBX on it to increase the guitars versatility.

there is a 1950s way of doing the volume though, not as easy to achieve with the volume on most guitars so i pretend sometimes it doesn't exist but if you use the volume a lot and don't like the swell associated to it how guitars go dark quick the 50s way you attach a tone capacitor I suggest. But all in all it'll work and sound great as there is a few ways to attach or activate a tone pot and this is honestly the easiest and quickest way in that diagram.
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Thanks, Tallwood13. So this is the mysterious wiring that Charley Wirtz did on SRV's guitar.

I don't use the guitar's volume control much, as I don't like losing the treble as it's turned down.
the kinman treble bleed I'd suggest it's a simple RC circuit (a single resistor and capacitor together) , stewmac did a good video on it using one kind of treble bleed.

this is interesting because on a standard strat there is no bridge tone control, this has one so i see some benefits to it. Just like Gary Moore he was big on 13-56 strings, a quick search he liked GHS Nickel Rockers a lot. Besides that this certain type of ibanez tube screamer pedal is another big step in the right direction of his sound. Amps and all he used a lot so it's going to get murkey there, this is why positive grid, pods and kemper profiling amps i like so much these days.

this is the stewmac video i mentioned, this mod costs 2$ to do on ebay so dont get the stewmac kind.
What a great idea. I almost never use th volume control because the sound gets so muffled.